Marcus Hiles – Western Rim Properties Leading Environmental Trend And Movement

Throughout all communities, Marcus Hiles’ buildings are thoughtfully constructed with the highest quality materials in order to be ecologically proactive, yet visually appealing. Roofs and attics are equipped with reflective, radiant TechShield® barriers that reduce heat transfer by nearly 97 percent, cooling by over thirty degrees during harsh summer months. High-density weather stripping and dual pane windows with a layer of argon gas and a solar heat gain coefficient of at least 0.22 further assist in climate control and protection from the elements. Air conditioners with a seasonal energy efficiency rating (SEER) of 16 or higher are used, and inside, programmable thermostats allow residents to use up to 30 percent less energy, trimming their utility bills and carbon footprint. By exceeding industry averages, Marcus Hiles and Western Rim provide comfort to residents in the most extreme weather conditions, ensure a respectful, mutually beneficial relationship with the environment, and lower carbon emissions by 32,000 tons across more than 10,000 rentals.

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