Happy Renters Spend More Time in Upscale Rental Communities – Marcus Hiles

Aware that happiness can come in various forms, Marcus Hiles says that his residents of more than 15,000 homes, townhomes, and apartments experience significant joy living in luxury apartments.
“We are meticulous in choosing land and then we build residences that are high in style and in energy efficiency.” he clarifies. Subsequently, tenants save a large sum of money in their utility expenses.
Likewise, they don’t have to be uneasy about the home maintenance and mortgage escrow accounts; they have more time for their own goals.
“People living in our neighborhoods have the choice to invest on their own terms and can take advantage of opportunities that come up in other locations,” Hiles observes. “With my experience, I can safely say that a occupant’s joy increases in proportion to the time spent living in a top-notch rental community.”

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