Hiles Donates 59 Acres For Park Development

The benefits of urban wildernesses are incalculable to local communities. These areas enhance the local eco-system by creating life-giving oxygen; they play a crucial role in retaining ground and rain water and removing toxins from the surrounding air. Marcus Hiles supports the work of American Forests, an organization that studies municipal forests and the repercussions of declining natural areas in cities. Their work educates the public on the benefits of these places, providing great information like the fact that two trees can make enough oxygen for one person and can absorb twenty pounds of air pollution every year. Most people know that parks provide shade, but may not be aware that shade reduces heat retention and lowers air-conditioning requirements. A car that is placed in the shade stays fifty degrees cooler than one parked in the sun. Hiles supports urban natural spaces and their development.

Read more: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/marcus-hiles—-western-rim—-proudly-donates-59-acres-of-land-for-community-parks-2016-05-09