Western Rim Works Towards Expanding Tree Canopy – Marcus Hiles

Marcus Hiles’ obligation towards nature stretches beyond real estate. His company’s tree-planting practices have extended the volume of trees significantly more than pre-change levels. “Each of the 3,000 trees we planted a year earlier traps more than 45 pounds of carbon dioxide and poisons while also discharging oxygen,” he states. In the mean time, Hiles tries to protect existing arboreal fortunes, for example, the various 100-year-old oak trees that grow in a park designed alongside one Western Rim location. Marcus Hiles sees ecological conservation as a win for both individuals and the planet. “Our ambitious goal is to restrict carbon emissions by more than 500,000 metric tons all through the next ten years,” he says. “In the meantime, we’ll have the ability to convey energy savings for our occupants and make thriving groups.”

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Happy Renters Spend More Time in Upscale Rental Communities – Marcus Hiles

Aware that happiness can come in various forms, Marcus Hiles says that his residents of more than 15,000 homes, townhomes, and apartments experience significant joy living in luxury apartments.
“We are meticulous in choosing land and then we build residences that are high in style and in energy efficiency.” he clarifies. Subsequently, tenants save a large sum of money in their utility expenses.
Likewise, they don’t have to be uneasy about the home maintenance and mortgage escrow accounts; they have more time for their own goals.
“People living in our neighborhoods have the choice to invest on their own terms and can take advantage of opportunities that come up in other locations,” Hiles observes. “With my experience, I can safely say that a occupant’s joy increases in proportion to the time spent living in a top-notch rental community.”

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Marcus Hiles Commits To Education Through Philanthropy

Marcus Hiles, a proud graduate of Pepperdine and Rice Universities, has always been deeply committed to education. He believes that each and every child has a right to be educated that should not be affected by their financial status or level of privilege. This principle has also led to his insistence that communities developed by Western Rim be located nearby to schools, providing access to education for children, parents, and other residents.

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Marcus Hiles On Why Texas Attracted 433,000 New Residents In 2016

The Lone Star State’s population rose by nearly 433,000 individuals, from 27.42 million to 27.86, exemplifying a growth trend that spanned the entirety of the Southern U.S. “States in the South and West continued to lead in population growth,” said Ben Bolender, chief of the Census Bureau’s Population Estimates Branch. “In 2016, 37.9 percent of the nation’s population lived in the South.” Jeffrey S. Passel, a senior demographer at the Pew Research Center, predicts the phenomena to continue indefinitely, stating to the New York Times that, “the movement to the South and West is a very long term trend.” Hiles tends to agree with the two researchers, adding that older residents of the North and Northeast, mostly part of the populous baby boomer generation, are seeking more temperate places to retire.

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Marcus Hiles Leads Architectural Design with Latest Trends

Investor and innovator Marcus Hiles has been building state-of-the-art communities across Texas for the last three decades. His success is partially due to an exceptional vision of luxury living that has driven his projects — but also by staying informed of design trends and recognizing the most sought-after styles that people demand. Far-reaching changes have affected what is expected of room dividers, exteriors and even the possible functions of homes themselves. Ground-breaking architectural advances have brought into being net-zero energy houses that strike a balance between total energy consumption with the amount of renewable energy they create, while passive and active buildings offer two energy conservation processes for virtually eliminating all heating and cooling bills. Beyond this exhilarating progress in building approaches, fundamental modifications are bringing more convenience, space and light into today’s spaces and reshaping the way we live. Read More: http://www.marketwatch.com/story/marcus-hiles—-discusses-the-latest-current-architectural-design-trends-2016-09-15

Marcus Hiles Continues LEED Certified Housing Developments

Across numerous residential construction projects, Marcus Hiles has proven that LEED Certification is cost-efficient, effective, and preferred by modern tenants. As LEED-Certified Apartment Construction has seen a tenfold increase since 2008, its importance in the marketplace has been confirmed. Hiles’ projects illustrate in documented fact that the LEED combination of sustainable materials, emphasis on performance, smart grid thinking, and effective water use have major impacts on higher financial returns and rental rates, optimized health and productivity of residents, better public relations, and significant financial savings in energy and operating costs.

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Marcus Hiles Discusses Popular Software’s Effect On Rent Cost

When searching for new place to live, finding the perfect floorplan with a good view, at a fair price, is the goal. Marcus Hiles, a prominent Texas real estate developer and entrepreneur, upholds that renters want to lead a comfortable and convenient lifestyle at a price they can manage. What landlords typically don’t tell renters is that they use yield management software which automatically increases rent when popular floorplans are viewed. Marcus Hiles specializes in not only anticipating shifts in the housing market, but also teaching renters the skills necessary to negotiate rental rates.

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Hiles Donates 59 Acres For Park Development

The benefits of urban wildernesses are incalculable to local communities. These areas enhance the local eco-system by creating life-giving oxygen; they play a crucial role in retaining ground and rain water and removing toxins from the surrounding air. Marcus Hiles supports the work of American Forests, an organization that studies municipal forests and the repercussions of declining natural areas in cities. Their work educates the public on the benefits of these places, providing great information like the fact that two trees can make enough oxygen for one person and can absorb twenty pounds of air pollution every year. Most people know that parks provide shade, but may not be aware that shade reduces heat retention and lowers air-conditioning requirements. A car that is placed in the shade stays fifty degrees cooler than one parked in the sun. Hiles supports urban natural spaces and their development.

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Marcus Hiles Building Near Top Schools, Conveniences

Marcus Hiles Building Near Top Schools, Conveniences
Marcus Hiles Building Near Top Schools, Conveniences

Beginning with exquisite architecture and meticulously manicured landscapes, Marcus Hiles’ Dallas developments define refined living. Whether it be the resort style of The Mansions at Brigg Ranch, the chic, urban vibes of The Towers of Seabrook, or the relaxing calm of The Grand Estates in the Forest, tenants have the ability to live decadently, taking advantage of full day spas, private personal trainers, 24-hour concierge desks, and a comprehensive collection of cutting edge amenities. Locations are tediously selected to maximize Texas’ thriving cosmopolitan offerings, top rated school districts, championship golf courses, awe-inspiring lake views, and thriving state forests. Equally impressive are the interiors equipped with elevated ceilings, Italian marble, hardwood floors, granite countertops, stainless steel kitchen appliances, and bathrooms fitted with jetted tubs and rainwater showerheads right for a personal spa. For those wishing to upgrade to an improved lifestyle, Hiles’ communities offer serenity, convenience, and more importantly, affordability.

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Marcus Hiles Discusses Noticeable Charm Of Western Rim Properties

Marcus Hiles Discusses Noticeable Charm Of Western Rim Properties
Marcus Hiles Discusses Noticeable Charm Of Western Rim Properties

Western Rim’s high-end apartments have a reputation for their charming and tasteful interiors. Noticeable details are stick out upon arrival: elevated ceilings and rich wood flooring lead to kitchens featuring designer cabinets, porcelain tile backsplashes and ENERGY STAR-certified stainless steel Whirlpool® appliances. Baths highlight jetted Jacuzzi® garden tubs and stand-up showers with rainwater showerheads and chrome fixtures. The chic appliances and environmentally minded construction follow Marcus Hiles Fort Worth developer’s goal of engaging the most eco-friendly options available. Attics are stocked with reflective TechShield® radiant barrier sheathing panels to redirect solar warmth and lower utility bills. Recycled full depth cellulose sound insulation reduces power consumption, and the innovative, fire retardant material reduces noise traveling between rooms, mitigating outside sounds from entering the home. Hiles properties feel as comfortable as they sound: preferential temperatures are maintained by advanced programmable thermostats, which use substantially less energy than traditional thermostats. Tight seals around each extra-tall, double-pane, argon gas-layered window cuts heat loss in colder months by almost 75 percent and limits cooling requirements during summer.

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